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 During an anniversary trip, Terrence and Casey’s marriage spirals into an unlikely abyss the moment he
does the unthinkable. After eight years of occasional wedded bliss and with this violation weighing on them, Casey leaves the bedroom, then their home, and sets an immediate path towards freedom. In a cruel twist, she soon finds out that the laws where the incident took place, and ones enacted where
they live, are drastically different. Casey has a successful therapy practice, but now she’s the one who needs counseling and a safe place on all fronts.
Desperate to repair his marriage, Terrence embarks on a painful expedition of self-discovery. With the
tide of local laws blurring the lines of his actions, his path will lead him to challenge old ideas of women
and his perceived rights of a man in marriage. Can this couple find peace and a common ground when their definition of right and wrong are polar opposites.