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Summer Breeze


Summer is still mending a broken heart from a relationship that ended long before its expiration date. When she runs into her ex, Devon, he tells her the most devastating news she’s heard since her mother was murdered. Then she learns that a mysterious woman, with ties to Devon, is stalking her under the guise of becoming a client. Summer now has to figure out if she’s been targeted as her mother had been.

 Devon, promised to love Summer forever. Unfortunately, forever came much too soon when she made it clear that they had different goals in life and love. After their breakup and a few drinks, he finds himself engaged and soon to be a father with a woman he barely knows. The more Summer and Devon fight their feelings for each while they uncover the truth behind the mysterious situations that occurs, the more they are drawn together. Now with new developments that are not in his control, he must face Summer and risk breaking her heart again, while figuring out the secrets that his new wife is keeping.

 Karen has infiltrated Summer's life, trying to right old wrongs. She will do anything to save the child she carries, even sacrifice herself to put it in the hands of a woman who will protect it from a man who wants the child—and her—for his own lurid purposes. How long can she hide in plain sight, redeem herself in Summer’s eyes, before all that is hidden comes to the light?

Devon and Summer are soon confronted with the fact that one woman holds the keys from a dangerous past and an even more devastating future.

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Show Me No Mercy


During an anniversary trip, Terrence and Casey’s marriage spirals into an unlikely abyss the moment he does the unthinkable. After eight years of occasional wedded bliss and with this violation weighing on them, Casey leaves the bedroom, then their home, and sets an immediate path towards freedom. Unfortunately, she soon finds out that the laws where the incident took place, and ones enacted where they live, are drastically different. Casey has a successful therapy practice, but now she’s the one who needs counseling and a safe place on all fronts. 

Desperate to repair his marriage, Terrence embarks on a painful journey of self-discovery. With the tide of local laws blurring the lines of his actions, his path will lead him to challenge old ideas of women and his perceived rights of a man in marriage. 

Can this couple find peace and a common ground when their definition of right and wrong are polar opposites?

Released October 31, 2018 

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Just One Kiss


 Find the perfect hero in this sweet to sensual short story/extended excerpt collection featuring just one kiss.  (click cover  to order)

Looking for a bride-to-be with the perfect guy or a passionate kiss between forever lovers? Thirteen USA Today Bestselling, National Bestselling, and award-winning authors share a quick read collection of romantic escapes featuring just one kiss.

JUST ONE KISS includes:

A Taste of Logan by USA Today Bestselling Author Siera London
Make This a Night to Remember by USA Today Bestselling Author Naleighna Kai
Afternoon Interlude by Award-winning Author J.L. Campbell
Perfect Kiss by National Bestselling Author London St. Charles
Designed to Love You by National Bestselling Author MarZe Scott
A Love Like Forever by National Bestselling Author Lisa Watson
It Began with a Kiss by National Bestselling Author Michelle D. Rayford
Unexpected Attraction by Karen Bradley
It’s Only a Kiss by National Bestselling Author Shakir Rashaan
Kissing You by Christine Pauls
Heat by Sierra Kay
Forbidden Kiss by Anita L. Roseboro
The Ultimate Gift by National Bestselling Author Martha Kennerson 

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